Tuesday, February 5, 2008

A New Era Begins!

That's right sports fans...you have a new outlet for your college football addiction! Welcome to First and Big Ten: two slow white guys views on the most storied conference in college football.

We started this blog as an effective, efficient, and glorious method of procrastination. We may not know much about anything, but we sure do know how to procrastinate. And what better topic to focus on than college football in the Big Ten (eleven) conference. Neither of us are writers, and some would even argue that we have a worse sense of humor than the famously blunt Dwight D. Schrute, but we'll be posting as often as possible on a variety of topics related to Big Ten Football.

Now you might be asking yourself what would make us credible sources on Big Ten Football, and in a word..."nothing." But for a conference known for slow athletes and a ridiculous amount of rivalries with Notre Dame, who better to trust than two slow white guys who hold a disdain for the Domers? Picture us as the possession receiver/heady safety who are on the team as much for our heart and g.p.a as our 40 times. Essentially, we're the John Zilka's and Zach Hampton's of college football, and we're damn proud of it. Combined, we have two actual diplomas from Big Ten universities, and have family members that have attended or worked at 10 of the 11 institutions.

So recline back in that uncomfortable office chair, open a random email to quickly bring up on the computer screen should your boss walk by, and enjoy our lack of insight!

BuckBuck and WildHawk

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