Friday, June 27, 2008

The Rundown

THE DEAL IS DONE!!! The Big Ten Network and Comcast have stopped acting like bickering frat boys at Purdon' Purdue... long enough to make a deal. This is nothing but good news for everyone that doesn't live in Iowa, where Comcast does not operate. Sucks for them. Of course, rather than praise the Big Ten for going out on a limb and having balls large enough to take on major cable companies, certain national media members chose to talk about the possibility of an SEC network. Mandel conveniently forgets that starting a tv network requires actual brain function. Something we all know SEC players and fans lack. That's a problem for those SEC boys if they're thinking of following another Big Ten innovation.

Not only do they still not have access to the BTN, but the state of Iowa is drowning. Iowa City was actually hit pretty hard. Any and all help for the University is appreciated...including monetary donations and any ideas on reviving the football program.

I'M RON ZOOK!!! WATCH ME WORK OUT!!! WOOO!!! FOOBALL!! WOOO!!! I'M GONNA BE A BIGGER WORKOUT STAR THAN THAT BUTCH-LADY ON BRAVO!!The BTN will follow Illinois' fall back to mediocrity this year in the second installment of their "Journey" series. Over-under on number of times the Zooker is shown lifting weights....10.

Amateur porn and college football...all in one convenient location! Wisconsin is instituting a "Show and Blow" policy at Camp Randall in 2008. This is wrong for so many reasons, namely that it won't stop anyone from drinking. Police say they issue 10-15 tickets per game, and this program only applies to people cited at previous games. Eight home games with 10 people each cited, puts it around 80 people subjected to "Show and Blow" by the end of the season....out of the 80,000 person capacity at the stadium. F&BT is positive this program is worthless...yet here's to hoping that we don't get arrested for instituting our own "Show & Blow" program on our next visit to Madtown.

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