Thursday, August 28, 2008

3rd Time's a Charm - Ohio State Football

Ohio State football will be good this year. Real good. Deal with it.

Nearly every pre-season publication has them ranked in the top 3 teams in the country. They return an absurd 18 players off of a National Championship participant team. They had one of the best recruiting classes in the country last year, including landing way-too-often-talked-about Terrelle Pryor. From now on, I refuse to write his name in this blog until he does something ridiculous. We'll call him "That One Guy". As inauspicious and damning as someone's name can get.

Yes, Ohio State will be good this year. Deal with it.

If you really want an Ohio State Preview, look somewhere else...anywhere else, because they are literally everywhere. They are probably one of the most talked about teams this preseason. Instead, I'm going to give you the reason why Ohio State straight up pisses me off:
  1. "The" Arrogance. Nothing bothers me more than when some idiot stresses the "The" before saying Ohio State. Why? So it's not confused with all those other Ohio State Universities? This is ridiculous, and that sense of arrogance directly affects their play.
  2. National Championship Game Suck-job, First Edition. Yeah, I know that I can't talk because my team has never made it there, but come on. Respect yourselves and take your opponent seriously. Troy Smith, Ted Ginn and Co. sucked dick in the game because they got way too arrogant and didn't take Florida seriously. They probably walked around all week stressing the word "The" before describing anything...including "The" suck-job they were about to pull.
  3. National Championship Game Suck-Job, V2.0. I don't discredit them as much for the game against LSU because they no doubt took it seriously, and it was closer than people think. My problem with this game occurred early, maybe the first punt return. As the OSU returner was about to head out to catch the punt, who else but "The" arrogant Ted Ginn is standing on the sideline, looking like a punk, and giving this kid advice. Hey Ted, you already effed up one title game, why are you on the bench trying to ruin another?
  4. Jim Tressel. The only reason he pisses me off is because he lets idiots like Ted Ginn stand on the sidelines and mess with his players before a big game. When you're in the National Championship game that you got embarrassed in last year, wouldn't you want your team focused? Wouldn't you limit distractions? I completely understand letting former players/famous people onto the sidelines, but keep them out of the box reserved for current players. And certainly don't let idiots like Ted Ginn give them advice. Other than that, I actually love Tressel. I think the sweater vest is classy and he's never really done anything that bad...except for enable those...
  5. Cheatin' Sumbitches. How does a program that had it's highest profile recruit driving a "borrowed" car with "gifts" in the back report said car stolen, then take back the stolen claim, only to have all of America know he did it because of the does that not draw any interest from the NCAA? How does it's most recent Heisman Trophy winner have to sit out a few games because he was suspended for taking cash? How much dirt does OSU have on Myles Brand and the NCAA? Why does no one else bring this up ever?

So there you go. My rant on OSU. Despite all my dislikes for Ohio State, I will be cheering for them this year. We all should. For the sake of the Big Ten, Ohio State needs to beat USC. For the sake of the Big Ten, Ohio State needs to get back to the title game...and actually win it. Just keep ol' Teddy Ginn away from "That One Guy" on the sidelines.

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