Saturday, January 31, 2009

Needing a Little Inspiration?

Even though I sat outside in shorts and a t-shirt today because it was 68 and sunny, I know that all of you back in Big Ten Country are suffering through the doldrums of a brutally cold winter. I did it for 24 years of my life and trust sucks. Going out just becomes a chore, and your pants always get wet near your feet cause the slush is out to get you. It's usually around the month of February when people start needing a little inspiration to know that they can get through it all. And I have that inspiration for you.

Meet Yogi Roth.

Courtesy of one of my favorite writers, Bruce Feldman, we get the story of Yogi and his journey to spread the teachings of Pete Carroll and his Win Forever mentality. This truly is a great story, and speaks to the influence that college coaches have on young mens' lives. My buddy Z has raved about Carroll before, and I'm beginning to learn why. I wish Yogi was writing an actual blog and we could get updates every day, but for now, the only access I have found is Feldman. Click here for an update from Day 4 of Yogi's journey (scroll down to the bottom). Enjoy F&BT fans, and know that winter is almost over...unless it snows in late April again like last year.

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