Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Bad News First...

There's usually only two types of news stories to come out of a college football program this time of year...recruiting news, and current players getting into trouble. Unfortunately for the Big Ten, this week brought two stories from the latter category.

Bench warrants were issued for two former Iowa players for sexual abuse charges. These are some pretty serious charges, so we'll hold off on the jokes about the players. But that won't stop me from making fun of the school...do you know what IOWA stands for? Idiots Out Wandering Around. Fitting, isn't it?

Also in the news this week, Minnesota released its speedy return man Harold Howell due to academic reasons. If you've been following Tim Brewster's recruiting the past few years and you're surprised....well, then you've probably never figured out what the Gopher fans were spelling after they sing their fight song.

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