Tuesday, September 23, 2008

F&BT College Pick'Em Challenge Update!

It's been a rough couple of weeks for a few of us in the F&BT inaugural College Pick'Em Challenge. The schedule was decidedly tougher two weeks ago, and a few strategies were followed. Most people played it straight and put the harder games as lower confidence levels. But some of you, including my current roommate Kenny G, chose the interesting strategy of not picking games at all. Many of you followed that same strategy, but looks like it worked about as well as the Emmy's having 5 reality show hosts run the show. Dis-as-ter. Also, for the record, I will usually not make fun of any of you by name or your picks on the blog, but Kenny G is an exception. He is fully aware that I write this blog, and knowingly refuses to read it. "I'm not really a blog guy," he says, "...plus, I know when you're writing it and I can just ask you what you're posting and get everything that you're going to write. So there's really no reason for me to read it."

Well, touche Kenny. But from now on I will be making fun of you until you start reading. Have fun playing your saxophone.

As for the F&BT College Pick'Em Challenge standings, a few bad weeks have put me out of the medals for now. Lil Bro #1 had a couple strong weeks after which he usually sent a text along the lines of "What happened in the Picks this week? I can't see the standings." Thank God this stopped and he's no longer in first. That honor goes to the always difficult to find Bobby Fischer...I mean WILDHAWK! Seriously, is anyone harder to find these days than WildHawk? He hasn't posted in a while, and has rebuffed most of my attempts to get him to write. But alas, at least he's still making picks.

Keep making your picks each week and ranking them from your most confident game (10) to your least confident game (1). There's still plenty of time to make a move for the medal stand!

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