Friday, September 26, 2008

F&BT Conversations: WildHawk and the Dual Fan Phenomenon

I was at a wedding this past weekend with a bunch of college buddies (sidenote: congrats Heff & your new ball n' chain), when a pretty good fandom question was posed...who do you cheer for when both your teams are playing each other?

At first, this thought was preposterous to me. You have one team, you follow that team, you base your mood off their successes/failures, and your life is complete. Well, through this conversation, I realized how rare my situation really was. I grew up a Wisconsin fan. I went to UW for college. I'm still a Wisconsin fan. But I'm rare, and I'm realizing it. Fuzz grew up an Auburn fan because his Grandpa played football there. He also grew up a Mizzou fan because both his parents went there. He's a Wisconsin grad and loyal Badger fan. Kenny G grew up a Minnesota fan and went to Wisconsin. Our very own WildHawk grew up a Northwestern fan and graduated from Iowa.

As I've realized, the dual fan phenomenon is growing and these dual fans are everywhere...and they need a voice. Welcome to the second installment of F&BT Conversations. This week we interview supposed blogger (only two posts and counting) on this very site WildHawk, on all things Northwestern and Iowa, and being a fan of both teams.
So, this is have you been while you've not been blogging on our website?
Well, I've been okay. As you know, I haven't been blogging much, instead trying to figure out my life. Hating my job is probably the biggest issue, considering I spend a lot of my time there.

Explain for our readers how you became a Northwestern fan?
Both of my parents went to Northwestern for graduate school. Having said that, they weren't really good fans (let's be honest, up until the mid '90s, it was tough. I went to grade school with another big fan (in fact, I believe he was already interviewed for this very site). His dad took us to a lot of games, and I got hooked. Plus, 1995 helped a lot, especially having witnessed the majority of the games.

Was it hard always rooting for a team that sucked more than the movie Click?
I guess everyone's aware of my deep hated for that movie. I only had to endure a couple of years of sucking before the Cats became competitive. I consider myself extremely lucky to not be older.

When you made the decision to go to Iowa, did you feel like Brutus stabbing Ceasar (aka NU fan brethren) in the back?
Nah. The simple answer is I couldn't get into NU. Plus, it's really close to home (sidenote: it's not like Iowa was my #1 school either. Go RedHawks! - kidding). (admission: I forgot WildHawk went to Miami Ohio bad)

What was people in Iowa's reaction when they found out you were a NU fan? Were you ridiculed?
People in Iowa have very little respect for Northwestern, but then again, I think that sentiment is shared by all the other ten schools. People in Iowa City are pretty liberal and accepting, even of me. Plus, the fact the the two teams are almost dead even in football and basketball over the last 10-15 years seriously hurts their ability to gloat.

Head-to-head games...who do you cheer for?
I still don't know. My first idea was to root for the team that had more on the line, the team that needs the win more. I've also considered just rooting for the home team.

What are the pros and cons of having 2 teams to root for?
Pros: More chances to win any given week, more games to watch, more research to doCons: Playing each other, tough when both suck, more time necessary for research

You're going to be back in Iowa City for the game this weekend, how do you see the game playing out? Bold prediction?
Both defenses have been strong this year. CJ Bacher is really slumping for the Cats, and Jake Christensen just plain sucks-ass. Given the fact that Stanzi is starting for the Hawks and it's at Kinnick, I'm thinking 20-13 Hawkeyes. Who knows though, if CJ finally has his breakout game of the year, he and Sutton could lead to a lot of points for the Wildcats.

Quick Hitters:
Best Northwestern game you ever attended?
3-way tie: NU/Notre Dame '95, NU/Penn State '95, and NU/Michigan '96
Best Iowa game you ever attended?
Toss Up: Iowa/Michigan '03 or Iowa/Ohio State '04
Who has hotter girls?
Iowa....more talent than an outsider would expect
Who has a better campus?
Tie. Northwestern is better aesthetically, but Iowa has better town (bars).
Who has better gameday experience?
Iowa, no question.
Rate this blog on a scale of 1-10. How much better would your writing make it?
Hahah, I'd give it an 8 - it's good, but needs a consistent fan base. Who says I'd make it better? (I do...please start writing WildHawk...please)
Favorite tv show?
Californication/House/Entourage/The Office/Colbert Report
Favorite fast food chain?
Popeye's or Wendy's (Panchero's in Iowa City, but too local)
Is this the Cubs year?
Finally, both Rashidi Wheeler and Randy Walker died while you were an NU fan...and Iowa city has had 2 natural disasters (tornado and flood) hit since you became a you want to take any blame for these and maybe admit that you're bad luck?
I won't take any blame, but it has sucked. Still, there's been a lot of good times too. That tornado senior year really was unbelievable, at est until I had to pull a tree out of my car window and saw a dumpster fly. Also, looking around my room now, I still can't believe a Wildcat was on the SI cover, and it's been 13 years.

Thanks for the input's about time you had some input into this blog! Kidding buddy, but your writing would be appreciated as often as possible (once a week?)! F&BT fans have a fever WildHawk...and the only more blogging!

Alright, that was lame. Have fun this weekend in your old stomping grounds and go Iowa...or Northwestern...whichever you choose.

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