Monday, September 22, 2008

Ruminations on Week 4

So after a week off from the blog...I'm back. I happened to skip probably the worst week for blogging, seeing as how there was some good comedic material after OSU's drubbing at USC, Michigan got embarrassed, Oregon hung tough, and Wisconsin won a nail-biter which I attended in Fresno. But alas, the college football schedule has moved on and so have I, here are some thoughts on the lackluster week 4 lineup of games that happened last weekend:

1) That One Guy is named Terrelle Pryor. We can call him by his name now. Two R's, Two L's, Terrelle. Get ready to hear it a lot. If you weren't sick of him from the recruiting hype...or the preseason hype...or the "he only got two series versus Ohio" questions...or the "can he start yet?" questions...well, America, get ready to be sick of Terrelle Pryor. In his first start at Ohio State he managed only four touchdown passes. I haven't confirmed it yet, but I believe ESPN has dedicated an award for him. Award Name suggestions welcome in the comments below.

2) Ringer to the Rescue. Where would Michigan State be without this guy? Seriously, it's a valid question this year. Brian Hoyer hasn't shown anything yet, and the defense is slowly improving, but Ringer is BMOC in East Lansing. After putting up over 200 yards against the Golden Domers, Ringer has many people talking Heisman for him. And you know what...this time I'm buying the hype. PJ Hill and Juice Williams I wasn't buying, but Ringer may just do it. If MSU lives up to the preseason billing and makes some noise in the Big Televen, it will be on the back of Ringer. And that could just earn him a trip to NYC for the ceremony. However, I will caution that he has to hold up the entire season. MSU is just starting the physical Big Ten play portion of the schedule, and don't expect Ringer to hold up if he rushes 39 times every game.

3) Congrats Joey T. For a guy who can't wait to get on a ranch in Wyoming, Joe Tiller sure is a heck of a coach. After winning his 85th game at Purdue, Tiller is now the winningest coach in school history. On behalf of F&BT, congratulations Joe.

4) "If you think you have two QB's, you probably don't have any". Iowa Hawkeyes...please take note. Kirk Ferentz is dying to give someone the starting job, and any time that Jake Christensen or Ricky Stanzi want to take it will be fine by him. Neither QB has been able to put together two good games in a row and Iowa will continue to struggle until one of them can. And until then, we'll say that they don't have a QB.

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