Thursday, October 16, 2008

Doth Mine Eyes Deceive Me? - a macro/micro view of Michigan Football

I never liked Lloyd Carr. Despite somehow always being on the good side of every Big10 officiating crew, the guy would whine and bitch like crazy...all the time. Regardless of my dislike, I did respect the UM program. Plus, Ann Arbor is a great town, and the Big House is a must see for any Big10 fan. With the arrival of RichRod though, I no longer respect Michigan.

The Rodriguez hire, in my opinion, seems eerily similar to IU's bball hire of Kelvin Sampson, and we all know how that turned out. Sure, Rodriguez wasn't actually on NCAA probation when lured to the Big10, but he was a known scumbag. Let's not forget, even before his incredible kickoff return in the US Army All American game, every college in the country coveted Noel Devine. And, even though it looked like he'd have to go to prep school because he couldn't qualify, somehow he magically ended-up at West Virginia.

I talked with my brother (a scUM alum), and he feels a tough-to-describe, but nonetheless bad feeling about the state of Wolverine football. True, this is most certainly a rebuilding year, but come on, Toledo, a sub .500 MAC home. Michigan lost a lot of quality players last year, and the new spread attack just doesn't feel like their style. Combined with the fact that I don't see RichRod lasting too long in Ann Arbor, I think scUM will become the Miami or Florida State of the Big10, a once-storied program that's lost its identity. Sure, they'll win some big games in the next few years, but I just don't think it'll be the Michigan we've known and respected over the last couple decades. [Having said all this, I still prefer Michigan over Illannoy]

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