Thursday, October 2, 2008

Straight Cash Homey!

Lee Evans is getting P-A-I-D. The former Badger wide receiver and current Buffalo Bill just signed a 4-year $37M deal to remain with the Bills, and be the 3rd highest paid receiver in the league. Evans is a Badger favorite and happens to be immortalized in the Wisconsin Football Offices to this day. As you get off the elevator to enter the Football Offices, you're greeted by a large picture of Evans running up the tunnel after a game with his arms spread, kind of like those old Michael Jordan posters, giving high fives to the students as he leaves the field. All the students are in black and white and Evans' uniform and helmet are in color. It's an awesome sight.

He also happens to be part of the second best Wisconsin football play that I've ever seen in person. The first is the Scott Starks fumble for a touchdown at Purdue in 2004. But Schabert-to-Evans on that beautiful out n' up in the rainy Madison night is a very close second. For all you Badger fans looking for a pick-me-up after the game last week, check out this story from Jim Polzin at the Capital Times which looks back at the last time Ohio State came to Madison.

After reading that, aren't you just fired up for Saturday night?

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