Tuesday, October 7, 2008

My 100% Bias Post: I Still Think Iowa's Pretty Good

While watching (or attending) every Hawkeye game this year, I can't help but think the team is pretty good. However, a couple days after the game I wonder if I'm totally nuts. Here's what I know so far:
  1. Stanzi > Christensen. Sure, Ricky needs some time to develop, but there's no doubt he has a far greater upside than Jake.
  2. Shonn Greene is a beast. If he is healthy, he could be the best back in the Big10.
  3. The Hawkeyes have played well enough to be 6-0 (3 losses by 9 points combined is tough to stomach)
  4. Turnovers and Red Zone Inefficiency will kill a team's momentum, confidence, and record.

Thinking about this team makes me feel like Ed Norton in Fight Club or Bruce Willis in 12 Monkeys, constantly questioning my sanity. Obviously, after a 3-3 start, I've got to re-think my initial projections. I can honestly see this team winning-out if they can take care of the goddam ball in the red zone. But, who knows, that could be crazy-talk. Maybe they won't win another game.

PS - Last week's game did nothing to improve my opinion of Michigan State. I still think they're the most consistently overrated team in the Big10 and maybe the nation (possible contenders are Clemson and Arizona State). I have no respect for MSU, and I'll take that to my grave. Remember Rob Lowe's plan to "stop the trucks...stop Tommy Boy", well, without a Javon Ringer freakout, MSU is not a nationally ranked team. In fact, they're incredibly mediocre. Stop Javon Ringer...stop Sparty!

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  1. I think this is why college football and somewhat sports in general are absolutely amazing...that you can still think a 3-3 team is pretty good. UW is staring at 0-3 in the Big Ten and I'd argue that they may be the best 0-3 conference team in history. Look for a future post on this soon.