Friday, October 10, 2008

This One Time on the Band Bus...

Is it me, or does the Wisconsin Marching Band make you think that all those band camp stories from the American Pie movies are pretty much dead on? The letter sent out by the school this week verified what we all knew was probably true...people got drunk and stupid on a bus like college kids do, and someone shockingly got offended. This isn't a post to make fun of the offended party...we're not that mean. No, F&BT merely wants to highlight the stupidity of the band members. As fun as the trip may have been, any time you have to start a story with, "This one time, on the band bus...", you should probably just quit talking right there. Unless you're as hot as Alyson Hannigan....then you may continue of course.

Alas, the 5th Quarter will be happening this Saturday night, as the band has been reinstated. And if you think about it, Brett Bielema has got to be the happiest person on earth. Of the two major home games which would be recruiting target weekends, to not have a band at either game, which adds an incredible amount of electricity to the stadium and makes the students exponentially more engaged in the game, would have been disastrous. Props to Mike Leckrone and Lori Berquam for getting the band back on the field.

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  1. I agree, the UW Band hazing incident makes band members look stupid, but I think it says more about people who couldn't even cut it in the band. Think about the horrific incidents that offended their delicate sensibilities...biting a summer sausage, feeling pressure to drink underage, wearing stupid haircuts and having to do something sexually provocative.

    That offended you? Where did you think you went to school? The seminary? It's college. I think this actually reflects well on our band and university. It shows that we party so much that even band dorks have fun at UW.

    Or maybe it only reflects the crude behavior and drinking culture that is tolerated in Wisconsin. But hey, at least the next time a hazing incident comes up, the UW Band will be the punch-line and not some fraternity.