Thursday, October 23, 2008

SHOUTOUTS! New Header and a Birthday

Notice anything different with the blog? We've had quite a few changes in the past few weeks that I thought I should update you on, all of which help us progress towards the smallest hint of blogging respectability.

First, well...WildHawk is finally posting! He's been putting some good stuff up the past few weeks, so check him out. He's good for a post a week right now, but something tells me that he'll have more views to share in the coming weeks. Call it a hope.

Second, we've been added to the YardBarker Network. This is a blog readers heaven, with over 600 some blogs to read. Everytime we post, it gets posted on YardBarker that's pretty sweet. They also help supply our advertisements on the blog, so check those out to your right and all the way at the bottom. We're not in this for the money, but anything that can earn us a couple pennies never hurt. Click on the Ads, support your bloggers.

C) Notice the title header? Thanks to great friend of the blog, and quasi-fellow blogger at Wrigleyville Confidential, Rollo Tomasi (a.k.a. The Mayor of Christmastown), we've upgraded from my pathetic MS Paint skills to the wondrous powers of Photoshop. Rollo even threw in a bit of his own flair...see if you can find it.

Fourth, a happy birthday to good F&BT friend Whetst1! He's not quite over the hill yet, but he's clearly lost enough brain cells in his age that he agreed to venture to Madison with me this weekend for the UW/IL game. Did I mention it's homecoming weekend? Look for some great posts next week detailing some of our shenanigans. I may even let Whetst1 write one. Either way, Happy Happy buddy. Get your liver ready!

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  1. Thanks, Buckingham...had a blast, even though my Illini decided not to show up. Enjoyed meeting your friends...great group of guys and gals that I am glad to see you still stay in touch with, despite moving out West. And many thanks to your family for the hospitality. I should have just stayed on Saturday...drank so much caffeine to stay awake on the drive home that I was up until 4am. Still managed to get out to the golf course at 7am, though (priorities). Thanks again and happy birthday to you, as well!