Friday, November 21, 2008


For those of you still paying attention to the Inaugural F&BT College Football Pick'Em Challenge, the final week of the season is upon us and the race for first place is about as tight as you could expect after a 13 week season. Here's the leaderboard heading into the final week...

1) Whetst1 - 476
2) WildHawks - 472
3) Bobby Petrino - 435
4) Buckingham - 389
5) Kenny G - 361
6) Lil Bro #1 - 347

WildHawks is carrying the banner for the F&BT bloggers...even though he got a girlfriend and forgot all about our little blog and his priorities. Whetst1 is out to prove that Illinois fans actually can be smart, despite choosing to cheer for the Illini. And Kenny G is going to owe me $20 when he doesn't pass me this week.

Make sure to get your picks in this week and look for an interview with the winner next week!

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