Monday, November 3, 2008

Saving the Best for Last

In every family there is always a little competition amongst siblings. Be it looks, grades, parent's attention, or sports accomplishments...there is always competition. My family is certainly no different, with four boys and girl at the end, you can be sure that competitions were waged. Usually, the four boys dominated the conversations. My team made it farther in the playoffs; my g.p.a. was higher; at least I had a girlfriend.

We still argue about such things today. But we all overlooked one fact.

Our baby sister is better than us.

It's true. It's long been known and accepted that she was obviously the most loved by everyone outside our family. I'm also 98% sure that she has never been in trouble for more than 4 minutes with my parents. But, being the men we are, my brother's and I still held onto our accomplishments with pride. In some way, we were the best in the family. Then a month ago, the little sis trumps all of our ACT scores. Took the cake with a 31. And this past week, she became a state champion. Props to the Lil' Sis and her field hockey teammates on winning the Illinois State Championship.

For those of you keeping score at home, here's how it stands for the Lil' Sis:

Most loved...check.
Most athletic success...check.

At least I'm the best blogger in the family. (Until she starts a blog...)

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