Friday, November 7, 2008

Two Picks Say a Thousand Words

Well, couldn't help but notice my Hawkeyes and Wildcats in the college pick'em this week. And despite my competitive drive (and the fact that I got killed last week, dropping me to 2nd place for the first time in months), I can't help but pick both my teams...even with Northwestern down to their 3rd string RB and no idea who will start at QB! My reasons are twofold: First, to go against years of fandom for a free league that only 4-5 people care about would be blasphemous; and second, if by some miracle, both teams win after I make the "smart picks", I would hate myself, and it will make both victories a little bittersweet. These betrayals on my part would surely lead to me questioning my very existence.

Looking at the rest of the BigTen this week, I like Wisky over IU after steady doses of Clay and Hill break the Hoosiers. I'll pray the Broncos of Western Mighigan beat the Zooker, but I don't see it happening. I like Minny at home over a beleaguered Wolverine team. Finally, MSU will take care of Purdue because, big drum or not, Purdue sucks. Obviously, you know my two upset picks.

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