Monday, November 24, 2008

First Team All-First and Big Ten Team

Don't be confused by the title of the post, Buckingham and I spent countless hours perfecting our all-conference honorees. Without further ado, here are the answers:

QB: Clark - PSU
RB: Greene - Iowa
RB: Ringer - MSU
WR: Benn - IL
WR: Decker - MN
TE: Graham - IL
OL: Bulaga - Iowa
OL: Miller - MSU
OL: Ohrnberger - PSU
OL: Kemp - UW
OL: Shipley - PSU

DL: Maybin - PSU
DL: Kirlew - IU
DL: King - Iowa
DL: Wootton - NU
LB: Laurinitis - OSU
LB: Brit Miller - IL
LB: Angerer - Iowa
DB: Davis - IL
DB: Jenkins - OSU
DB: Wiley - MSU
DB: Philips - NU

PK: Swenson - MSU
P: Mesko - UM
KR: Williams - PSU

Offensive POY: Greene - Iowa
Defensive POY: Laurinitis - OSU
Frosh: Pryor - OSU
Coach: Paterno - PSU

Notes: OL is tough to predict...just based on hype. Punter had to be Zoltan Mesko because of both name and amount of time spent on the field. Purdue sucks.

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  1. Hubie Graham, true frosh TE from Illinois???