Friday, November 7, 2008

Lack of Posts...My Bad.

Sorry about the lack of posts this weeks folks. It's certainly been a monumental week for the good ol' US of A. Electing our first African-American president is certainly a big deal. Also a big deal is that he is from Chicago. A.k.a a Big Ten fan...even though he wants a college football playoff. Anyways, he reps my home city, and I certainly love it.

Although, I don't live there right now. I currently live in the crazy part of the country known as California. And if I didn't appreciate how crazy it was, I figured it out on election day. On our ballot included propositions for the following:

- Same-sex marriage
- Animal rights for chickens and pigs
- Abortion (Notifying parents)
- De-criminalizing Prostitution in San Francisco

...and last but not least...

- Renaming the SF Sewer System the "George W. Bush Sewer System"

Welcome to crazy-town. The rest of this week I've been at a work conference, so I haven't been able to post, but Whetst1 has been working on a post about Illinois for the site. Next week the posting will be more regular.

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