Friday, November 21, 2008

Linking Laziness

It's not that I'm lazy...well, sort of, but I reserved that right long's just that I'm still sick and this has been one hellacious week for yours truly. With that, I fully admit that the posting has been lackluster, and I'm a little surprised that most of you (if any) are still coming back to read this blog. Let it be known, it is greatly appreciated.

So instead of rocking your world with some crazy insight, I'm gonna get lazy and give you some links. Two to be exact...but they caught my eye.

First up, the Joey T. farewell tour has commenced in West Lafayette. The guys over at Boiled Sports have each given their thoughts on the Joe Tiller era at Purdue, and they've got some good stuff. Personally, I can appreciate J's Perspective in Part 3 the most, considering that I am a Badger fan and was at the game. Without a doubt the greatest college football play that I have ever witnessed, and probably only because my team won. J brings to light the devastation it caused for the losing squad that night, and how that carried over into the remainder of the Joe Tiller era.

Second, something that I've noticed has been missing this week but couldn't put a finger on it. Lake the Posts nails it for me, in describing how little fanfare the Illinois @ Northwestern game is getting in the Chicagoland media. Granted, Illinois is down this year and Northwestern headlines will rarely sell papers...but it has been silent this year, and especially this week. Even though I'm on the West Coast now, I still read the Chicago Tribune every day, and I'm gonna agree with LTP that the hype machine needs to get revved up. Love fests for each other don't fuel a rivalry, so get the mouths going and get fired up for that Sweet Sioux Tomahawk!

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